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Special Education

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Residing in Duluth, Minnesota, Jeff Horton is a passionate educator currently serving as Superintendent of the GFW Public Schools.

Jeff Horton, of Duluth, Minnesota, first experience with education came in high school when he and his brother were coaching high school athletes playing hockey. He worked to help them practice the maneuvers and hone their skills, and when the team faced off against their rivals, they tied the game 1-1. Through a concerted effort and the entire team dedicating their time and focus on bettering themselves, they ended up winning their next game. It was through celebrating their victory with them that Jeff realized how much he loved working with children, helping them develop their full potential and empowering them to succeed. For him, it wasn’t even about the coaching and the chance to instill his knowledge in others; it was the joy he experienced helping someone achieve something. 

For Jeff, one of the most rewarding parts of working in education is the role he gets to play in helping students feel successful and hopeful about themselves and optimistic about achieving whatever it is they decide that they want to do with their lives. 

One of his favorite memories as an educator began with a student who was on the verge of being expelled. Jeff Horton Duluth fought to keep him as a student, and helped create a plan for him for his education and development. He told the student that he would trade expelling him for earning a diploma, and the student ended up graduating, exceeding the expectations people had for him just a few years prior. 

Although it is an often difficult and ever-changing field, Jeff Horton is deeply passionate about working in education in Duluth, Minnesota, especially for the positive change it allows him to effect in the lives of others. He doesn’t shy away from a challenge but rather welcomes them, loving every chance he has to challenge the quid pro quo of the sector. He is a fierce advocate for equity and diversifying the teaching staff in schools to include more people of color and women on all levels to reflect the student population better that they’re educating. Jeff Horton is passionate about using education to help move all learners forward and works with his community to focus on character development among its members.

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